• Why should I use Promotion Prep?
    When applying for and attending a promotion board it is essential to prepare. I am a highly experienced coach and will enhance your chance of success ensuring that you are prepared, confident and eager to impress. The promotion process is highly competitive. Recent austerity measures have led to a reduction in leadership roles and this is likely to continue for many years to come. This means that there are fewer opportunities for promotion and many talented individuals are now competing to secure promotion. I offer a unique service to help my clients get ahead of the crowd and receive quality support and coaching to equip them for the police promotion board. My success to date speaks for itself in that 80% of my clients have secured promotion. Feedback from clients can be found on my Testimonials page.
  • Is the service available for all ranks?
    YES. I offer a personalised service tailored to meet individual needs. I recommend early planning and a leadership gap assessment is advisable well in advance of the promotion board. I am very flexible and have also coached individuals applying for the armed services, for apprenticeships, fast-track scheme, direct entry and the Senior Police National Assessment Centre (SPNAC). More recently I have worked with individuals in terms of delivering upward briefings and presentations.
  • Can I use the e-learning on a tablet?
    YES.  The e-learning packages are designed to be used on all tablets, lap tops and other devices.
  • Once I have completed my e-learning course can I do it again?
    YES. Once you submit and finish then you can start again but your answers will not be carried forward into your new attempt, and you cannot amend them once you submit and finish.  So check you are happy with your final draft. 
  • Does anyone review my e-learning online?
    NO. Although Promotion Prep could look at your answers, we don't.  We don't have time and this is not part of the service.  However, if you do want your application form reviewed and edited we do offer this as an additional service.
  • I've skimmed through the e-learning and I don't think it is for me.
    Many people rush through the online packages to get instant answers.  The course is not designed to be a 'copy and paste' exercise.  If you work through your course slowly and methodically you will follow a process of learning giving you the best possible chance to succeed.  Rushing to the end, however tempting, will not work or provide you with everything you need.  Our advice ... set some time aside and enjoy the process.
  • What can I offer you?

    I have served in 3 forces and have vast experience across most disciplines in policing and have operated at the tactical and strategic level. I am qualified to gold command level (firearms, public order & CBRN) as well as having Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) experience. I was the strategic lead for major change programmes in Warwickshire (£13m savings) and jointly led the ground breaking strategic alliance (£30m savings) between Warwickshire and West Mercia. I am an experienced mentor and coach having assisted many officers in preparing for promotion boards and I was also force sponsor for the High Potential Development Scheme successfully supporting a number of officers through the process.

    Having chaired many Police promotion boards throughout my career I know exactly what the selection panel are looking for in a candidate. It is argued that I have exactly the right skills and experience to support and coach candidates through a highly competitive process.

    My aim is to develop future leaders of the service and to help them convert qualifications into leadership.

  • Can you guarantee me success at the promotion board?
    I am a highly experienced individual who has helped many candidates succeed at interview and I will work with you to ensure that you are prepared and confident for the big day. Of course it is you who will attend the interview and it is also you who will need to seize the moment making best use of the advice and support that I will provide you with. There can be no guarantee of success; however it is argued that your chance of success will be significantly enhanced. Approximately 96% of those people I coach get promoted and whilst we strive to hear from everyone who purchases our online courses, we get regular positive feedback and success stories. Please see my Testimonials page to see what clients are saying about the quality of service they have received.
  • What about the costs?

    Police Officers incur costs when studying for their police promotion examinations. This often includes payment for text books, on line services or assessment centers. Candidates often fail to prepare adequately for the last phase of their promotion journey, the police promotion board. Failure at the interview stage can often put candidates back by at least a year and possibly beyond given the current policing landscape. It is therefore essential for candidates to invest time and effort in getting this part of the process right.

    Please see my services page for details of my current charges

  • What if I book a package but don't get through to the next stage?
    When requesting a package we understand it looks a lot of money.  We don't expect you to pay up front and offer a 'pay as you go' approach.  The discount will be applied on the final service/product.  All we do ask is that we get the dates booked into the diary so that you are guaranteed Promotion Prep support.
  • What if I have any other questions?
  • I will personally deal with any questions that you may have and can be contacted using the contact us page on this website or via e-mail neil@promotionprep.co.uk; or via Twitter @Promotionprep or @NeilBrunton1
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