Just found out today I passed the Inspectors promotion process. Thanks for your help, I particularly liked your breakdown of the CVF which helped a great deal.

Najma (Sergeant to Inspector), 26th August 2021

Thanks again for your help, simplifying everything really assisted and I wouldn’t have got through had I not have utilised your service.

Rich (Inspector to Chief Inspector), 26th August 2021

After doing Part 1 Insp twice due to it timing out and 2 failed boards……I’ve done it thanks to your programme and guidance, I felt great on the day….held that head high and talked with confidence. Clearly, I cannot thank you enough and the text will not capture my gratitude to you. I will be championing your services for those I’m currently mentoring.

Mel (Sergeant to Inspector), 21st June 2021

I successfully passed the application form and also purchased your online sgts promotion guidance which helped me to pass the promotion process and be promoted to sergeant.

Dan (PC to Sergeant), 1st June 2021

I passed my promotion thanks to your support .  I found your online briefing course especially helpful so thankyou very much.

Joanna (Inspector to Chief Inspector), Met Police, 27th April 2021

I have previously successfully used Promotion Prep products for board prep in the Sgt promotion process. For the Inspector process I purchased an online product a few days before the interview board to consolidate my prep. It gave me that extra bit of confidence which I carried into the board. Pleased to say I've passed..thank you.

Chris (Sergeant to Inspector), Warwickshire Police, 22nd February 2021

I passed my promotion thanks to your support ... I am with Essex Police and I just want to say that your PC to PS course was amazing. I managed to pass my promotion board first time and it is all thanks to you. I will highly recommend you to others. 

Sam (PC to Sergeant)  Essex Police, 15th February 2021

Just an email to say thanks.  I had my interview today. Although I won’t know the result for a few weeks yet, the website was very useful.   Had I done this on my own I wouldn’t have had the structure and ideas.   The most helpful was the presentation prep. The scenarios were exactly how you have set out. I was able to structure my plan well and had plenty to say.   Even if I don’t pass, it has definitely helped.   Not going to lie. I initially skipped  through everything and thought, “is that it”. 

Anon, 27th January 2021

I purchased your promotion products in 2019 for the West Midlands Police Service PC- Sergeant Process in the autumn of 2019. I had never gone for promotion and I was unsuccessful by a couple of marks. My feedback was positive and I decided to apply for the  PC-Sergeant process with Staffordshire Police between October and December of 2019. I was successful through each stage and I finally received a phone call from  Staffordshire Police Chief Constable to say that I had been successful and I was promoted to Sergeant ,starting with Staffordshire Police in March 2020.  Your products were invaluable in my preparation and I received the highest marks of all candidates for that promotion board 

Anon, (PC to Sergeant) Staffordshire, 24th January 2021

Promotion Prep was really helpful for me when I was preparing for my Sgts Interview. The tips provided give you direction and a structure to work on.  Well worth the investment.

Anon, (PC to Sergeant) Avon and Somerset, 4th January 2021

I passed my promotion thanks to your support ... I am with GMP.  The leadership Gap assessment made me aware of the force priorities and I achieved a 95% success rate on my interview. Thanks !!

Anon, GMP, 17th December 2020

Can you please pay a huge thank you to Neil. I successfully passed my board today on the first time of asking. His chilled style on the one to one really gave me the confidence in my evidence.

Anon, (PC to Sergeant) Staffordshire Police, 19th October 2020

I was successful at the Fast Track Inspector assessment centre after visiting Neil for a 1-2-1 session. It is no exaggeration to say I couldn’t have done it without his support.  Neil explained the CVF in simple, relatable terms and gave me a selection of tools that meant I could approach each exercise with a structured plan.  I would (and have already) strongly recommend Neil to anyone looking for promotion; his knowledge, experience and ability to coach is definitely worth investing your time and money in

Chris,  (PC to Inspector), Warwickshire Police, 26th May 2020

Pleased to say I passed. The first question I had was Deliver support inspire and I delivered my presentation basically. The feed back I received was that I was the top performer on that question. The other question was around issues that are and will affect the police service. Again my feedback was that I delivered the top answer giving a very broad and in-depth understanding of policing issues locally, regionally and nationally as well as politically.   The remaining question was around my own cpd  and how I develop others.   Just to say thanks for your assistance and help. 

Anon (Sergeant to Inspector),  28th April 2020

I found out today I passed my Inspectors board with Essex Police.  Your online course gave me the necessary boost in confidence and helped polish off my rather scattered initial approach.  The information provided is well worth the outlay and I cant recommend the course enough.

Brett, (Sergeant to Inspector) Essex Police, 13th April 2020

I would absolutely, without doubt, reccomend Promotion Prep to anyone wishing to go for promotion.  Neil pitched it perfectly for me, tailoring his training and advice to the correct level.  His extensive experience and knowledge of the CVF was clear to see.  I used both the one to one session & the briefing preparation package.  Neil's input assisted me greatly in achieving first time success in both the Sergeants papersift & the board.  If I decide to progress further, I will definitely come back to Promotion Prep.  Thank you, Neil! 

Anon (PC to Sergeant) Dyfed Powys Police, 23rd February 2020

I passed my promotion thanks to your support. The framework to set out responses worked well and I passed on my  first attempt without any acting experience. 

Anon (PC to Sergeant) Hampshire, 22nd February 2020

I am a metropolitan police DI who has just participated in the Cambridgeshire inspector to chief inspector promotion process. I’m delighted to say I was successful.  I used your interview and presentation guidance packages to prepare. The presentation advice was absolutely wonderful and enabled me to build a structure upon which I could deliver an excellent presentation.  I felt hugely unprepared going into the process as an external candidate with no idea of how to structure my presentation (as the process is very different within the MPS), but your package enabled me to understand what was required and the audio input was useful to understand how to deliver it. Thank you so much for your help. 

Dan (Insp to Chief Insp), 17th January 2020

My first attempt at the PC to Sgt promotion process was unsuccessful. This was despite a significant amount of experience as an acting DS. A colleague recommended Neil’s services. I found his both his one to one session and his e-learning packages incredibly helpful. Not only was my second attempt successful, but I passed the promotion board with a good mark which helped me getting my first choice posting following the board.

Paul (PC to Sgt) Warwickshire, 11th January 2020

I undertook the Interview Prep (CVF Level 2 ) & Presentation & Scenarios e-package and followed this up with a one-to-one with Neil. This input gave me a solid understanding of the CVF and the confidence to undertake the promotion board where I delivered a positively received presentation and was able to answer the questions with a greater degree of confidence, all leading to successfully passing my Chief Inspector promotion interview and coming second overall.  I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Promotion Prep to my colleagues and I will certainly seek to utilise your services in the future.

Mark, (Insp to Chief Insp) West Mercia, 20th December 2019

I would highly recommend anyone who is going for promotion to use promotion prep without hesitation. I had no clear direction or focus before I used the whole sergeants promotion board package and it was a game changer. It gave me confidence and a direction to follow and I passed my board first time with a good score. Promotion prep gives you the edge over everyone else and it is the best investment you will make. I look forward to using them again in the future.

Ross, (PC to Sergeant) British Transport Police, 16th December 2019

I’ve just passed my Ins assessment centre, thank you.  I've used you for both ps and ins now with the briefing packages  and relevant cvf packages.  I’ve also had a Skype session with Neil for ins.  I used you for my second ps promotion and first ins.  I have 11 years service and started the ps promotion in 2014.  In 5 years I’ve gone from pc to ins. I’m going to enjoy this and gain experience in the role(s).  I’ll knock on your door for CI’s for sure

West Midlands Police, (Sergeant to Inspector) 16th December 2019

Just a quick message to say that I passed my sergeants board today. I used your online course and it was a great help as it allowed me to structure my answers and gave me confidence during the interview.

Andy (PC to Sergeant). 16th December 2019

I was successful! I wanted to say a huge thank you for your advice and guidance. I was able to deliver my answers with impact. I hope to see you again for my next promotion.

Craig (PC to Sergeant) Warwickshire Police, 11th December 2019

I passed my promotion thanks to your support. I was on my third attempt at the Inspector to Chief Inspector process. The online product I subscribed to was absolutely invaluable in my preparation. I was able to structure my answers and gain a better understanding on what the panel would be looking for in the assessment process. This helped me massively on the day and I felt a lot more calm and reassured when facing the panel. I can't thank you enough

Gareth, (Inspector to Chief Inspector) British Transport Police, 6th November 2019

Thanks for the support and guidance it was well worth it. I found the 1-2-1 session helped me understand the CVFs better which ultimately worked for me.

Sean, (PC to Sergeant) Nottinghamshire, 9th October 2019

I would like to let you know about my recent successful promotion to Inspector. I came to see Neil in June after just missing out last year.   After seeing Neil I worked on my interview structure and came top of the board. 

Collette (Sergeant to Inspector), Warwickshire, 9th October 2019

I passed my promotion thanks to your support ... I found the content really useful and no doubt your online e-package got me over the line.

James (PC to Sergeant), Nottinghamshire, 30th September 2019

I passed my promotion thanks to your support .  This was my second attempt and my approach this time was far less complicated! Promotion prep provided me with a simple framework on which to build my answers which really suited me.

Debi (PC to Sergeant), South Wales Police, 5th August 2019

I’ve just had the official email through – I have passed my sgt interview. Thank you so very much for your help, it was invaluable to me and I cannot truly express how thankful I am.  I shall certainly be telling the next group of people going to through this process to use your services and skills.

Catherine (PC to Sergeant), Northants, 3rd August 2019

Thank you for your help and that I recently passed my Inspector Promotion process at first time of trying. Having attended a course when I went for my sergeant promotion just over 3 years ago, I this time used your online course. I have not had my feedback yet so can’t say my score or how well I passed, but wanted to let you know the online course was extremely beneficial for me.

Nathan (Sgt to Insp) Cumbria, 30th June 2019

I attended one to one coaching with Neil for my Sergeant to Inspector process. I can't recommended this service highly enough. Neil was fantastic and explained everything in simple terms to help me understand the CVF. I just found out that I placed in the top 5 candidates and am delighted! I'll be back to see Neil in the future for the Chief Inspector process..

Ryan, (Sgt to Insp) 24th June 2019

After having failed 2 previous boards I sought help from Neil. I attended a workshop and followed this up with a 1-2-1 close to the board.   The training from Neil helped me to understand the cvfs and how to use my evidence to articulate them.   This gave me the confidence on the day and I have now passed the process. 

I highly recommend the training provided by Neil. 

Anon (Sgt to Insp) 20th May 2019

Could you please pass onto Neil my sincere thanks for his help with preparation for my Inspectors Board. I had the board yesterday and after using the online learning and the 1-2-1 with Neil I found it easy. The questions were all familiar and the presentation title was one from the list on the online learning. I actually enjoyed the process and have just been informed that I have been successful.  This was my first attempt and I scored high on all areas.

Lyndon (Sgt to Insp), 1st May 2019


Just wanted to let you know that I got my results yesterday from the latest [force] process.  I passed… third time, I got 80% in the interview section of the assessment centre!! I really couldn’t of done it without the help. 

Adrian (PC to Sgt), 26th February 2019

I decided to have a one to one interview preparation session with Neil after a colleague recommended him to me.  I had a lot of support around me within force but despite that I was struggling to really understand the different CVF competencies.  Neil provided clarity which gave me the confidence and knowledge to kick start my preparation. 

Anon (Insp to CI), 22nd December 2018

Just a few words to say thanks. Despite being in a supervisory role since 2015, I have struggled with the Promotion process over the last 4 years and I was almost ready to throw in the towel, when I looked at the services you had to offer. Investing in your course was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and working through the course content simplified the process and gave me structure, focus and the confidence to be able to tackle the process. I will certainly recommend Promotion Prep to colleagues and use you in the future. 

Janette (PC to Sergeant), 19th December 2018

Neil was recommended to me from colleagues whom had attended sessions and gone on to successfully pass promotion boards.  I chose to attend a one 2 one session.  Neil simplified the process which helped me to prepare in the right way.  Yesterday I found out I passed.  Thank you.

Sarah (PC to Sergeant), 7th December 2018

I chose Promotion Prep due to their proven track record and passed. If your serious about promotion, arrange a 1-2-1 and be one of the 95 percent pass rate. Neil simplifies the process and installs confidence so that you are ready for the big day. I can’t praise the service enough.

Geraint (PC to Sergeant), 25th October 2018

So I have just sat my 5th Insp board having failed the previous 4. I cannot thank you enough for the module that I did , the model really did prove to be the difference. I was advised yesterday that I passed the board and I could not be happier. Thank you so much.

Steve (Sergeant to Inspector), 24th October 2018

Having been unsuccessful in previous attempts, Neil helped me to articulate my examples much better and in a way that made sure I was putting across the best version of my examples and myself.  Further to this, there was great help with board prep, interview technique and support in properly understanding the CVFs so that when I sat the board I was prepared and able to answers the questions while still hitting the key points.

Dave Grimes (PC to Sergeant),  Surrey, 11th September 2018

I wanted to let you know that today I received the fantastic news that I passed the Chief Inspector Board!  The help given by Neil (and the online course) was invaluable, so just wanted to say thank you very much for your help!

Jon, (Inspector to Chief Inspector), Warwickshire, 26th August 2018

Hello. Just thought I would drop you a line to say that I have passed my promotion board on my first attempt and been promoted straight into my dream job as a traffic sgt. I found the way you broke the CVFs down to be more user friendly invaluable and I also used your structure for the presentation with great success. I feel your package made the difference between me passing or not and would not hesitate to recommend you. 

Craig, (PC to Sgt), Humberside, 20th August 2018

Just to let you know I passed my Insp promotion process and have been successfully promoted first time around.  The process consisted of an application form / psychometric tests on line / presentation and interview all under the new CVF framework.   All the packages that I purchased off you were invaluable in focusing my preparation and gave me a brilliant framework to base all stages of my responses on. Without this help I would have been challenged to find the correct information and would have been less confident throughout the process.   Thanks very much for providing excellent packages.

Dave (Sgt to Inspector), Cheshire, 17th August 2018

The presentation structure provided by PROMOTIONPREP has absolutely helped me in my planning and preparation phase, but more importantly on the day when I delivered my presentation to the board.  I knew how to set out the flip chart and felt confident when I delivered it.  The course was well structured and relevant, covering areas I was exposed to in my interview and the advice around how to structure answers was, again, a huge help.

Leanne (Sgt to Insp), West Yorkshire, 17th August 2018

I was successful at the Inspector boards yesterday. I attended the'Whole Journey'  workshop in March this year. Thanks to that day and your input that i was able to get through.

Huw, Dyfed Powys, 25th June 2018

I passed my promotion thanks to your support ...This was my first attempt at promotion and your approach helped me prepare effectively and gave me an idea of what to expect in order to structure my answers at interview.  Highly recommended! Thanks

Alice, Nottinghamshire, 22nd June 2018

I was successful in the promotion process . Regarding the online package , I would suggest its main strength lies in focussing attention on having a good understanding of the local issues that you need to blend into the interview / presentation process.  

In summary there is no doubt that the package is useful so I would recommend this to anyone .

Anon, South Yorkshire, 15th June 2018

I am delighted with the outcome of the assessment centre and am grateful to Neil for providing his time at short notice.  He took a calm, methodical, approach to helping with my final preparations.  He listened to what I needed and tailored his advice to perfection.  I would highly recommend Neil to anyone going for a promotion or through a Direct Entry route - he adds tremendous value.

Steve, Direct Entry, 27th May 2018

My force recently introduced the CVF to assess officers for promotion, and I knew I needed to understand this ahead of an upcoming inspectors board. I purchased the online Interview Prep package which I found easy to follow and informative, both for learning to absorb the CVF and refining my methods of delivering evidence to a board. The board process commenced with an application based around the CVF, I used Neil's application review and edit service to ensure my evidence was presented in the correct format. I received positive and meaningful feedback from Neil regarding my application and I submitted it with confidence. However, the promotion board initially decided that the evidence supplied on my application did not meet the required standard. Such was the faith I had in Neil's assessment, I embarked on the board appeals process. My application was subsequently re-scored and was deemed to meet the standard. I was then invited to the board interview stage, which I am pleased to say I passed. The Promotion Prep products gave me the knowledge, drive and confidence to succeed, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody seeking promotion.

Carl, Sergeant to Inspector, 28th April 2018

I just thought I would drop you a quick line with some feedback. I decided to purchase the interview prep package for my Sergeant's board with Herts after speaking to a colleague who passed his Inspector's board the month before after using your products.  

I passed my board, but have waited until now before emailing you as I only had my feedback yesterday, and amazingly I came top 'by a significant number of marks'. I had 9 years experience as a PC prior to starting acting as a Sergeant in August last year and am now being tipped to go very far up the ranks.

I have to thank you all immensely, as although I felt I had some strong evidence for the board, without your package and the prep for the forward facing questions, I don't think I would have either passed or scored half as highly as I did, they really set me up to be prepared for this sort of question, of which there were several in my board.

Thank you again, and I will definitely be recommending you to any of my colleagues who will be going through promotions processes in the future.

Ian, Hertfordshire, 23rd March 2018

I had only passed the exam 8 months prior when our Force promotion process was advertised. I was keen to capitalise on this opportunity and so I contacted Neil for assistance. I used his review and edit service for my application, the online interview prep package and then consolidated my knowledge with a 2 hour Skype session with Neil. I’m very pleased to say that I passed all aspects first time, only having had two months of temping experience. I couldn’t have done it without his help. It is a big financial outlay but I know I will earn this back as a Sergeant within a couple of months easily. Excellent service, which gave me the confidence to pass and I will be back in a couple of years for the next rank! 

Simon, Northamptonshire, 12th February 2018

Ijust wanted to send a quick thank you email - with the support from your e-learning modules I secured temporary promotion to Inspector last week! I honestly do not think I would have done it without you.  I am now strongly recommending Promotion Prep to the officers that I am currently mentoring on the PC-SGT process.

Jinesh, Hertfordshire, 22nd January 2018

I came to Neil and Promotion Prep not long after I passed my exam. Neil provided me with a good understanding of the process and a gap assessment that demonstrated where I should focus my efforts, building on my knowledge and understanding to put me in the best place when the opportunity came for me to sit a board.

Fast forward a year and at my first opportunity I was supported by my Superintendent and, with a board date in hand, Neil was able to provide me with a framework to best present my evidence. This was during a year where we had been told that spaces were very limited, so the competition was even tougher. Neil’s assistance was invaluable and gave me the confidence and ability to demonstrate what I’m capable of and I’m pleased to say success in my board, first time round!

Thanks to Neil and the team for all their help and guidance, I absolutely recommend them to anyone going through the promotion process.

Gary,  Warwickshire, 11th December 2017

I passed my promotion thanks to your support ... thank you I found your e-learning package most useful in helping me prepare for the presentation

Simon, British Transport Police, 5th December 2017

I sought assistance from Promotion Prep for my Sgt boards having failed them the previous year. I gained 1 to 1 assistance from Neil in a very easy and comfortable learning environment. Having broken down elements and gaining advice I was left ready and raring to go for the big day. My advice - want to pass first time.....go straight to promotion prep for a first class service. I’ll be signing up again when I chase the pips!

Tom, Dyfed-Powys, 1st November 2017

I started my preparation early by having a 1 to 1 Gap Assessment with Neil approximately 18 months ago. This was invaluable in identifying my strengths and gaps for the leadership process. In doing so Neil gave me direction & clarity on how to address these areas of development.  Prior to the interview board & presentation I met Neil again on a 1 to 1, I cannot overstate how beneficial this was; Neil gave me a clear & concise understanding of the Core Value Framework as well as a simple structure that I could implement for the interview. As a result I went into the interview board full of confidence. I fully recommend Neil's services to anyone that is committed to the promotion process & their own development.

Justin, PC to Sergeant, Staffordshire, 1st November 2017

Just a note to inform you that I was successful in my recent PC to Sgt promotion process where early indications highlight that I scored highly.  Would you please pass on my sincere thanks to Neil having met him previously on the one day input. I also have no doubt that the e-learning modules for both the scenario and interview that I purchased also assisted in getting me over the finish line.

Rich, 31st October 2017

Even though I did the course quite late in the PC to SERGEANT Process and had completed the application for it. I still attended the whole journey workshop though. This workshop was vital for me and gave me the structure of how to prepare and carry out a 10 minute promotion presentation. Furthermore it assisted me in providing the structure in answering the Interview Questions. I am glad to say I passed the promotion process as a result of attending this workshop.

Andy, Dyfed-Powys, 25th October 2017

I attended the “Whole Journey” workshop to prepare for my Pc to Sgt process. I got through the paper-sift and interview board on the first attempt achieving high marks, all thanks to Promotion Prep.

A relaxed learning environment and everything you need to get ahead.

Gareth, Dyfed-Powys, 25th October 2017

I have been trying for a few years now to pass my PC to Sgt’s Board but with no luck. I had to try something different so Promotion Prep was recommended to me by another colleague who had been successful. I attended the full day session with Neil which helped give me the knowledge I needed to structure my answers and give me the confidence and ability to score well under the new Competency and Values Framework as well as improving my presentation skills.  As a result of attending the Promotion Prep course I have been successful and looking forward to my first Sgt’s posting. I wish I’d have done it years ago. Thanks Promotion Prep for your invaluable help and support’

Mark, South Yorkshire Police, July 2017

Having attended Neil's 1 to 1 input in preparation for my Sergeants board two years ago for which I achieved an exceptional pass I had no hesitation in visiting Neil again for my Inspectors Board preparation. On this occasion I attended the group workshop which was extremely beneficial. I further attended an other 1 to 1 session followed by a Mock Interview. On each occasion I learnt so much which prepared me fully for my Inspectors board.   I am pleased to say that I passed my board first time around and therefore have secured promotion from PC to Inspector in only two years. This is entirely down to Neil and his assistance. I will be visiting Neil again in the future and would recommend him to anybody wishing to be promoted or indeed is serious about a career within the Police Force. Thanks so much for your help and support. 

Geoff, Sergeant to Inspector, Warwickshire Police, 8th August 2017

Knowing how competitive the Police promotion process was going to be, I decided to use Neil's application review/edit and mock interview service for my Constable to Sergeants promotion board. I found both these options really beneficial. Neil helped me understand the promotion process and how to structure my responses, making the most of my evidence. I found his feedback invaluable and I am pleased to say that I was successful. I am now looking forward to my first posting as a sergeant. Thank-you Promotion Prep, I couldn't have done it without you.    

Carrie - PC to Sergeant -  Sussex - 27th July 2017 

I thought I'd let you know I passed my Sergeants interview board.  No doubt the application review and CVF modules played a significant part in this as it was brand new, untested and unknown to me. Being tight of time, your application review service seemed a no-brainer to me, and well worth the investment considering you were already ahead of the game and had greater understanding of the new Competency Value Framework. 

Guess I'll be back for Inspectors in a couple of years!

Patrick, PC to Sergeant, Surrey, 28th July 2017

I purchased your online package of assistance with the application form and interview for Inspectors. I passed the application process and got a board.  I had my board, passed and was joint top marks in the force!

Rich, Sergeant to Inspectors, West Mercia 23rd July 2017

Just to let you know I passed my promotion board yesterday. I am absolutely convinced that without coming to see Neil and getting the template for the scenario part of the interview I wouldn't have done so well. So please pass on my thanks to Neil his advice was absolutely spot on.

Jon,  Sergeant to Inspector, Lincolnshire, 20th July 2017

I would highly recommend Neil. With his help I passed my first ever board first time. He has an excellent understanding of the promotion process and assisted me with the New CVF promotion framework, making it easy and simple to understand. The team at promotion prep are very quick to respond to any queries and I cannot give enough thanks

Harley,  PC to Sergeant, Cumbria, 13th July 2017

Thought I would drop you a line. Passed the Inspectors Board today with the help of your applications and interview online package. Thanks for the help!

Name not provided, Sergeant to Inspector, Sussex Constabulary, 18th May 2017

Having attended a group session with Neil I am pleased to say I passed and with some of the highest scores.  Spoke to the Chair of my panel yesterday who said I had performed one of the best interviews he had ever chaired and I scored maximum marks from 4 of the 5 questions.  Thank you Neil, I wouldn't be here without your fantastic input and support.

Anonymous, PC to Sergeant, 15th May 2017

I just wanted to say a big thanks for all your help with my PC to Sergeant promotion board.  I'm pleased to say I passed and would not have made it without your excellent support and coaching.  I will certainly be recommending your services to friends and colleagues and will use you again when I decide to make the jump to Inspector.

Anonymous, PC to Sergeant, 15th May 2017

After receiving a recommendation I attended Neil’s Fast Track Assessment Centre Seminar. Neil’s knowledge and understanding of the Competency and Values Framework (CVF) really helped me consider what these meant to me and where my experiences aligned with them. Neil’s advice on self-presentation, structure and logic was second to none. I came away from the seminar clear of the areas on which I intended to prepare, where previously I had been unsure. I cannot recommend Promotion Prep highly enough. Neil’s calm, relaxed approach coupled with a wealth of experience and knowledge made this a thoroughly invaluable but also enjoyable day.

Rob, PC to Inspector, Fast Track Process - 4th May 2017

In order to progress in my career, I needed to invest in it as I had little understanding what was required in my Inspectors board process. Neil's promotion prep programme, gave me many of the tools, which I was lacking, namely structure, what I needed to know and how to implement this knowledge. Neil's examples gave me a really good steer, enabling me to understand, what was required from me giving me the confidence to achieve. I believe I can say that without doubt, I would not have got through the process without Neil's direction.  Thank you Neil.

Martin,  Sergeant to Inspector, Devon & Cornwall, 3rd April 2017

I used Neil’s services for my Chief Inspector process. His knowledge and experience in a wide range of policing helped to put the performance framework into practical examples.  He helped draw out my strong attributes and highlight selling points.

He was really helpful and supportive in the process and gave me the confidence to deliver which helped me achieve my aspirations.  The investment in his services are priceless and definitely gave me the edge on other candidates.  I highly recommend him 

Anon, Inspector to Chief Inspector, 10th February 2017

Neil provides an absolutely first class service for anyone seeking promotion.  I utilised Neil's services in preparation for my Chief Inspector's promotion process.  His gap assessment module was extremely insightful and enabled me to identify areas for development well in advance of sitting my promotion board.

Neil's one-one coaching was was the perfect preparation for my interview.  Neil has extensive knowledge of strategic and operational policing matters, and clearly contextualised how these would be relevant during the interview process.  Neil has the ability to draw out your strengths and show how to articulate these in order to demonstrate a clear ability to perform at the level required.  Neil provides an excellent structure on how to deal with presentation and interview questions, and this gave me the confidence to effectively deal with a wide range of topics. 

The mock board provided by Neil was highly professional and very realistic, again providing great confidence before the 'the real thing.'  Neil gave detailed feedback at the conclusion of the mock board, which further enhanced my ability to perform on the big day.

Having passed my board, I received excellent feedback and this is testament to Neil's expertise and abilities as an outstanding coach.  I can't thank Neil enough!

Anonymous Client, Inspector-Chief Inspector, 5th February 2017

I used Neil's services for the application form for my Chief Inspector promotion process as the competition was tough and I passed the papersift. Also, I had a 1-2-1 with him where I obtained a clear understanding of the PPF. The structures I learnt during my 1-2-1 for my presentation and for the interview phase easily stood up to the pressures of the occasion. I was able to use them to my advantage and pass the interview at the first attempt.  Competition in my force is tough due to limited opportunities. The investment in Neil's services are priceless and gave me the winning edge!

Steve,  Inspector to Chief Inspector, Dyfed-Powys, 5th February 2017

I have just found out I passed my Inspector's promotion board first time and achieved one of the highest scores!  I purchased promotion prep interview online package to help me to prepare for the interview as I had already submitted my application.  This was really useful and focused my preparation and research on specific areas and the model answers gave me confidence in how to structure my response with my evidence.  I believe by using this to focus on helped me to perform to such a high standard in the board.  Thanks you Neil and I highly recommend this to anyone needing to prepare for a board.

R Burton, Sergeant to Inspector, Suffolk Police 4th February 2017

After unsuccessful Chief Inspector promotion interviews, Neil was recommended to me by a senior colleague.  I had three 1-2-1 sessions with Neil covering the application process, leadership coaching and interview prep.  Having myself spent many years at a tactical rank, Neil gave me a far wider appreciation of strategic issues, resulting in a more mature understanding of the rank I was aspiring to.  Neil knew exactly what skills, knowledge and understanding I needed to demonstrate at interview and gave me clear direction on how best to present my evidence.  On interview day I was prepared and felt confident that I had structure for both presentation and question responses.  Neil's coaching has also had a positive impact on the day job, giving me greater focus on what matters most.  Promotion opportunities are precious and infrequent.  I highly recommend Neil as a credible and talented coach to anyone serious about getting themselves promoted.

Sarah Corteen, Inspector to Chief Inspector, Warwickshire and West Mercia Police Alliance,  30th January 2017 

After taking advice from a colleague who had previously used the service successfully, I didn't stumble across Promotion Prep until 5 days before my interview.  What struck me immediately was the simple way that Neil explains the policing framework, breaking it down in a way that makes structuring examples far easier.  Neil's examples and tips helped me organise and structure my examples in a way that was easy to remember and above all, ticked all of the assessment criteria.  I went into my interview confident that I had answers, and examples that would fit a range of questions.  I received great feedback from the panel on the day and found out I'd been successful the following afternoon. I have already recommended your service to a number of colleagues and I will definitely use the service again, should the opportunity for further promotion arise, although I will give myself more than 5 days next time!

Sam, PC to Sergeant, Greater Manchester, 22nd December 2016

I initially contacted Neil for help with my paper application.  His expertise put me at ease and his guidance ensured I got through to interview.  I quickly booked a 1-2-1 with Neil who explained the process and competencies in a simple and easy to understand way.  Having never done a board before, Neil explained what to expect and how to present myself.  I was successful and passed the process.  Highly recommend.

Shaun, PC to Sergeant, Gwent, 22nd December 2016

I booked a 1-2-1 with Neil three weeks before the boards and I would thoroughly recommend this option for anyone seeking  direction around how to structure their interview responses.  I had no idea what to expect in my interview before meeting Neil.  However, after 2 hours with him, I left fully aware of what was required and how best to make myself stand out from other candidates. His guidance was excellent.  I passed my board with 86% and received full marks on two of my seven questions.  I felt prepared for the questions when they were asked and it helped me to remain calm under pressure.  If you have the time then I'd definitely go for a tailored 1-2-1 with Neil, as it's money well spent.

Chris, PC to Sergeant, Derbyshire Police, 22nd December 2016

I failed my PC to Sgt board earlier in the year, struggling to get to grips with a new assessment centre type process.  I found Neil via Twitter, got in touch and booked a 1-2-1.  Neil was able to break down the behavioural competencies into small chunks and guide me on how to shape my experiences to best answer the questions.  I found him really easy to work with and left our meeting full of confidence, clear on what I needed to do.  It worked and at the next attempt I passed.

Chris, PC to Sergeant, Avon & Somerset, 20th December 2016

In 2015 I completed a 1-2-1 with Neil for a temporary Inspectors Board and came first place, so when the full Inspectors Promotion Boards were held I booked another 1-2-1 and a mock interview.  Neil's clear, relevant and relaxed approach with advice tailored to my specific needs ensured that I fully understood exactly what I needed to do in preparation for the application form as well as the interview.  The mock interview was incredibly real and an excellent opportunity for me to make mistakes and then learn from them for the real thing.  This had an incredibly positive affect on my confidence and led to my having a very satisfying interview.

Without a doubt my success is down to Neil and I absolutely recommend him to anyone serious about promotion!

Stephen O'Connell, Sergeant to Inspector, Nottinghamshire 20th December 2016

I felt that the gap analysis material was ideally pitched to allow me to get my head in the game and my best material sorted months before the process began. This was my first promotion board and I''m pleased to say that I passed!

Paul, PC to Sergeant, 17th December 2016

I passed my Sergeant's exam in March and the board applications came around quite quickly, I was concerned that I wouldn't have enough evidence.  Thankfully, I discovered Neil Brunton and ordered the online application and board package which assisted me in passing the application.  I then moved onto and started to panic about the board, particularly the presentation.  However, Neil was instrumental in showing me a simple way to structure my presentation and my evidence for the board which resulted in a top mark.  I'm so grateful for the guidance and I certainly think that any prospective applicant should view the various packages as an investment in your career.  Statistically, it's a worthwhile investment! Thank you so much Neil!

Richard, PC to Sergeant, British Transport Police, 16/12/16

I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar session yesterday, made 3 pages of notes and will be looking at your website to see packages of support.  Some really useful tips and listening to the other people's questions was very useful too.  I think the free webinar is a great tool, I have never heard of them before.  Thanks for the free half hour; very beneficial to me.

Jo, Sergeant to Inspector, 06/12/16

I booked a 1-2-1 with Neil a few months before the boards and I would thoroughly recommend this option for anyone seeking direction around how to structure their interview responses.  His tailored approach and guidance was fantastic.  When the boards were announced, I topped up these skills by using the e-learning for both written application and interview processes.  I can recommend all these options for anyone going through a police promotion process but if you have the time then definitely go for a tailored 1-2-1.

Sue, Sergeant to Inspector, Nottinghamshire, 04/12/16

Having been referred to Promotion Prep by a colleague I was extremely impressed by the depth of Neil's knowledge and understanding regarding the process of not only constructing written examples but also interview preparation.  After our first meeting I ensured that I took up the offer of a mock board which I have no doubt helped me greatly in passing.

I would recommend Promotion Prep to anyone going through a police promotion process, the background knowledge and experience Neil was able to provide me was the difference maker on the day.

Chris, Sergeant to Inspector, Nottinghamshire 03/12/16

I would strongly suggest that anyone considering promotion, to the next rank, uses Neil and his services at Promotion Prep.  Exceptional knowledge and service.

Andrew, PC to Sergeant, Dyfed Powys 21/11/16

I attended a one to one session back in September with Neil prior to my Sergeants board in the Met.  I passed the process and am now waiting to be posted!

Emma, PC to Sergeant, Met Police 17/11/16

I worked with Neil over a period of 10 months having gone for the 1-2-1s that were tailored to my needs.  Neil is different from other providers in this field.  He has a lot of credibility having been a very successful senior police officer reaching the rank of DCC, which shows his stature.  He went through my evidence, worked with me to prepare myself and gave me the tools and confidence to succeed the process.  He was also superb during the mock and gave me the feedback I needed which helped me pass the Inspectors promotion process.  His techniques are unique in that they deliver and aren't what your own force may provide.  I strongly recommend Neil and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Mohammed, Sergeant to Inspector, 16th November 2016

After narrowly failing my previous board, waiting 4 years  for the next board and having added pressure of the Chief Constable being on the interview panel, a last minute 1-2-1 with Neil was just what I needed.  He explained the competencies in a way I'd not thought of and gave me the tools to answer any question that might come up.  He also gave advice on how to answer on a more strategic level to help me stand out from everyone else.  I'm pleased to say I've passed with a good score, I only wish I'd found this company earlier so I didn't waste so much time on what turned out to be unnecessary preparation. 

Nikki, PC to Sergeant, 11th November 2016

I can't speak highly enough of the tailored support I received from Neil at Promotion Prep.  I purchased the combined e-learning package application and interview package, and followed this up with 1-2-1s.  I realised I had wasted a lot of time on unnecessary  preparation and through Neil's coaching I focused on what really matters when it comes to promotion boards.  I was apprehensive about the upward briefing section of the board but Neil gave me a structure to follow, and I went into my board feeling confident and well prepared.  I am delighted to say I passed the board and will be posted into my new role shortly.  I will certainly be recommending Promotion Prep services to my colleagues and to anyone considering promotion.  Thank you.

Lisa, Sergeant to Inspector,  8th November 2016

I was initially unsure about the requirements and expectations of my upcoming Sergeants Board.  I booked a consultation with Neil and after 2 hours I felt that I had been given the direction and confidence needed to successfully tackle my board.  Evidently this paid off as I have passed!

Jonathan Brandman, PC to Sergeant, Met Police, 8th November 2016

Having been unsuccessful on two previous occasions, I decided to invest in a one to one interview session and a form check by Neil.  I was able to use the skills Neil showed me in my board, coming top of my interview group.  My feedback was excellent and I'm so happy with the result.  Achieving a high score has enabled me to be placed on a shift I was hoping for.  I can't thank Neil enough for his help.

Lianne Hardie, PC to Sergeant, Warwickshire & West Mercia, 22nd October 2016

With Neil's guidance and direction, I have finally succeeded in passing the Sergeants process.  Having failed previously, I approached Neil due to the numerous recommendations by other successful work colleagues.  Neil's knowledge and understanding of interview techniques and methods ensured I was able to demonstrate my evidence and own personal skills whilst fulfilling the criteria required to gain promotion.  I would highly recommend Neil to anyone seeking promotion.  His knowledge and experience prepares you for any question posed, and the confidence to be successful.

 Alan Gardener, PC to Sergeant, Warwickshire and West Merica, 21st October 2016

To all future candidates.  If you have passed your legal exam and now on to the way to your board but have not sat an interview for some time, I cannot recommend enough the bespoke tuition that Neil can offer.  You like me may have lots of evidence but struggle to articulate it to a panel, or simply know which piece of evidence is most appropriate for the questions  asked.  I went to Neil with all my evidence and realised I had done alot of unnecessary work when preparing for my board.  Neil helped me prioritise what was needed, helped me organise my evidence and set realistic goals to work on prior to my board.  All of which gave me confidence and knowledge going into my board resulting in a good solid interview and a pass.  Without this education I am quite confident I would be resitting my board next year.

Carl, PC to Sergeant, Warwickshire and West Mercia, 18th October 2016

 Just a quick one to say thank you for your help with regards to my interview prep.  I passed my board and was top in Warwickshire and I think top across the alliance so really pleased with the results.

Steve, PC to Sergeant, 14th October 2016

I just found that I passed my board!  Your e-module got my revision started at the right level for me, I would have done the workshop but I was late in finding you!  I had decided that next time I would definitely do the course!  This was board number 2 and my previous feedback was 'sounds like a great sergeant, not Insp level, more strategic overview needed'.  Pitch perfect for me.

Caroline, Sergeant to Inspector, August 2016

I bought your package as a last ditch attempt to polish my knowledge and prep prior to my board interview.  I am delighted to report that I passed the board and due to be promoted on the 5th September.  In Sussex over 300 people applied for 10 posts so it was fiercely competitive.  Your package was just right to finish off my prep.

James, Sussex Police, 11th August 2016

Neil's approach to coaching had a dramatic effect on my delivery, mentality, knowledge and ultimately my performance!  Simple yet very effective!  I was able to succeed at Sgt - Insp with a top score! Thanks.

Luke Mooney, Sergeant to Inspector, 3rd August 2016

Hi Neil and the team, this is a quick word about the online course I completed with your website.  Very helpful and has helped me be successful at North Yorkshire Police recent Inspector promotion boards.  Thanks very much.  One bit of feedback - I would have liked for the content I uploaded to be checked and fed back on.  This would help me to know if my evidence and examples are on the right track.  Very good short course though.

Chris Galley, Sergeant to Inspector, 19th July 2016

Update from Neil:

Just to let everyone know who is working through the e-packages that I do have the option to review your evidence so don't be afraid to email me and ask - good point made from Chris.

This was my first sergeants board having only 2 and a half years service.  I passed the interview being one of the top performers.  I am very grateful to Neil for his help at his 'Whole Journey Workshop'.  It gave me the professional knowledge and confidence to perform on the day.  I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for promotion.

Nathan Greenhow, PC to Sergeant, 18th July 2016

I received feedback that I had had an excellent interview and I have been offered, and accepted, a temporary promotion.  Thank you Neil for the level of coaching.  I found it really helpful.  I prefer the structure you showed me and the strategic input was invaluable.  It enabled me to approach the interview prep in a more structured way.

Bal Taylor, HR Officer, 30th June 2016

By using Neil's methods I was able to secure a top place pass to the rank of Inspector on my first attempt.  Neil helped me focus on what's important which simplified my preparation.  Neil also checked my application form and gave me further advice which resulted in some excellent feedback (one of the stronger ones).  I met Neil four weeks before my board and had a 1-2-1, with a mock interview one week before.  If you are serious about promotion I would definitely consider using Neil's services, highly recommended.

John, DS to DI, 6th June 2016

A colleague had successfully used promotion prep and so the services came highly recommended. I was looking for support regarding the internal PC to Insp Fast Track programme. I booked a one to one session several months before the assessment centre. Neil broke down each exercise and we worked on ways to approach the individual type of exercise in relation to the competencies. I found this extremely helpful not only in terms of the knowledge I gained but also in improving my own confidence. I have successfully passed the fast track assessment and have recommended Neil to a number of friends and colleagues

Claire Nutland,  PC to Inspector (Fast Track), 1st June 2016

Having failed a previous Sergeant to Inspector board I was determined to succeed on this occasion.  I read positive comments about Promotion Prep and given the limited opportunity for career progression now, I decided to enrol in the Gap Assessment and Interview Prep package topped off with a 1-2-1 session.  Neil has helped me to focus on what the interview is all about - leadership.  Thanks to Neil, I was confident going into the interview room and I succeeded this time!

Andy, Sergeant to Inspector, 16th May 2016

A quick word of thanks for the inspectors application and interview package.  I have just successfully passed my board and promoted to DI.  The package purchased provided a structured approach to my preparation.

Daniel, Sergeant to Inspector, 9th May 2016

Having passed my Sergeants legal exam I purchased the application form e-learning package.  Neil recommended that I considered the gap assessment as this should be the first step of my journey and would help me to complete the application form and also prepare for my promotion board.  Neil was right, having downloaded the gap assessment e-learning highlighted what I needed to focus on and helped me enormously move on to preparing a strong application form.  I've just been told mine was one of the strongest application forms.

Sam, PC to Sergeant, 3rd May 2016

Undertook the promotion board process for the first time with 27 years service having passed my OSPRE exams a couple of years earlier.  With the frequency of boards diminishing I was well aware that this was not only my first attempt but may also be my only opportunity.  From my very first contact with Neil it was clear that he knew the process inside out and was able to simplify the 3 stages, giving me the confidence to present my evidence in the strongest possible way.  The e-learning package was a great help and having also visited Neil for coaching I found that his supportive and relaxed approach really uncomplicated the process, providing a clear and straight forward structure to follow.  Thanks to Neil's help I passed, scoring really highly and have already been promoted in post.  I would strongly recommend Neil's services to anybody seriously seeking promotion.

Andy, PC to Sergeant , 5th April 2016

The promotion process  hasn't yet been advertised but I have secured a secondment to the Home Office as a temporary Inspector.  I gave a really confident interview using the techniques I learnt during our one to one session.

Jamie, Sergeant to Inspector, 1st April 2016

I got through my process the first time of asking and only passed the exam last March!  I was up against far more experienced officers but had the momentum behind me and am delighted.  I bought your e-learning on Christmas Day!  Thanks.

Ross, PC to Sergeant, 21st March 2016

I just wanted to let you know that I've been successful at my recent board and now promoted to Sgt.  Thanks for your help.  The e-learning package was a great help.

Steve, PC to Sergeant, 21st March 2016

I passed my Sgt board yesterday.  Your Sergeant e-package helped and glad I took the plunge to buy.  Although I bought it last minute it did confirm and help me through what I was studying and you're spot on about being a leader and serving the public and victims through times of austerity.  Just gave me the boost I needed so thank you for helping.

Sam McCulloch, PC to Sergeant, 25th February 2016

I worked hard to prepare for the promotion process but without the help of Neil to clarify and organise my thinking and the delivery of my answers I would have been much less able to give professional responses during the entire process.  This was my first attempt at the promotion process and with Neil's help I passed first time.  I would recommend his service to anyone going for promotion.

Steve Littlewood, PC to Sergeant, Humberside Police, 26th February 2016

The one to one coaching with Neil throughout my whole application process has been invaluable and I am extremely grateful for his help to achieve my lifelong ambition to become a police officer.

Sam Gardner, 26th February 2016

I heard about Promotion Prep only 2 weeks before my Chief Inspector's Board.  It meant I could only meet with Neil a couple of days before the Board itself.  The meeting enabled me to focus on what was important, and gave me enough information to remain calm in the time before the board and plan answers calmly whilst in the interview.  If I had time again, I would have gone to see Neil earlier and sought a mock board too.  Preparation was really important to me, to have confidence on the day.  I am naturally self-effacing, and whilst I reverted to type within my interview, I was still able to structure what I said sufficiently to be successful.  Every candidate for interview was strong and capable of succeeding at the next rank.  It is the promotion preparation that makes a difference.

Vikki Reay, Inspector to Chief Inspector, West Mercia/Warwickshire - January 2016

I came in 3rd in the Met, 155 passed out of 392.  I scored straight 5s in presentation and board.  Thanks for your help, it really guided me in the prep required and started me focussing on the higher standard of presentation to enable such a successful outcome.  I'm really pleased with my performance.

Bruce Collett, Sergeant to Inspector, The Met - January 2016

It was extremely helpful to have Neil's input on policing to help me to understand it in much more straightforward terms, this helped me focus on and understand the visions and values and the principle of 'why we come to work'.  I found it particularly useful to concentrate on the 'what and the how' aspect during the interview questions and move away from rehearsed answers.  The structure for the presentation helped my preparation in the week before the interview, but on the day the format of the question didn't seem to quite fit but having had the prior preparation I felt more confident to be able to adapt and deliver the presentation. 

In terms of style I thoroughly enjoyed the session and in hindsight would have liked a bit longer.  I wasn't sure what to expect and felt nervous going into the interview but felt much more conscious of what I was saying and more in control of where I was within the framework of the answer.

Steve Tonks, Warwickshire/West Mercia - January 2016

Before visiting Neil at Promotion Prep I had a number of unsuccessful attempts at promotion boards for Chief Inspector.  It appeared the harder I worked the further away I got from achieving my goal.  I visited Neil for some coaching and he was quickly able to de-mystify the whole process for me.  He was able to give me a number of tools to aid my preparation which meant that when it came to the day of my interview I felt confident and thoroughly prepared.  Whatever he did to me, it worked and this time I was successful.  The coaching made a real difference to me in the way I prepared and answered the questions during the interview.

Pete, Warwickshire/West Mercia - January 2016

Having had the one to one with you earlier this year and undertaken the online interview course I have passed the process and achieved full marks. 

John, Nottinghamshire - December 2015

I was successful in my CI board yesterday!  This was my first attempt after the last process back in February when it didn't go well at all.  I held onto your advice and drew upon everything you spoke about regarding structure, context and presentation to deliver a confident and professional interview.  It feels amazing to have achieved my long term ambition and I'm now looking forward to taking on a new challenge and making a difference

Leighton Harding , Inspector to Chief Inspector, Warwickshire/West Mercia Police – 6th November 2015

I'd known Neil all of my service.  We were DC's together in the 80s and then he moved onto bigger and better things.  I met him years down the line - he was about to become ACC while I was a DS.  He offered to help me with the promotion process and I was promoted to DI within 6 months, to DCI 12 months later and Detective Superintendent the following year.  Neil's guidance was outstanding and his advice allows you to reach your true potential.  There's no magic or mystery to it.  It's down to hard work, self belief and positivity linked to Neil's knowledge and experience of having witnessed so many of us try but fail because we concentrated on the wrong aspects.  I highly recommend Neil as a true influence on me and my career   

Mark - East Midlands – 31st October 2015

Neil's professional advice was instrumental in refining and structuring my interview board evidence.  His insight gave me real focus and understanding of the key issues.  I had waited a long time to pass, and had previously failed at various hurdles, including final interview.   

Mark, Sergeant to Inspector, Warwickshire/West Mercia Police – 14th October 2015

Neil provided me with good support and guidance to ensure I had a strong application form.  I was delighted that I made it through the paper sift and then attended a 121 input with Neil.  His approach was friendly and relaxed; Neil was a positive role model providing me with confidence and focus, cutting through the myths about police promotion boards.  I was successful in the interview and totally surprised to come top in the process.  I recommend Neil's Promotion Prep services to give yourself the best chance. 

Alan Townsend, 1st Place Sergeant to Inspector, Warwickshire/West Mercia Police – 10th October 2015

Receiving coaching guidance and support from Neil was invaluable. Having had applications paper sifted on THREE separate occasions ! Its fair to say Neil had a challenge on his hands ! He firstly coached me through the application form critiquing structure, content and relevance to competency. This resulted in me reaching interview stage. Secondly the board prep was invaluable, it gave me confidence reassurance and a structure to work with. I passed receiving a personal phone call from a panel member, it was a brilliant moment I won't forget!! My advice to all candidates would be to invest in your promotion, its tough competitive and challenging, get a ahead of the game and get Neil on board before the board!!

Micky Morland, Sergeant to Inspector, Thames Valley Police – 3rd October 2015

I met with Neil about 6 months prior to an anticipated Inspector Promotion process. His initial coaching started me on the right track to becoming the leader that I wanted to be. With a gap analysis input and with some leadership principles I set to preparing at work for the next process. When it was finally advertised Neil helped me prepare for both the assessment centre, and the formal interview, which built upon the work undertaken since my first consultation. Neil's approach and structure helped me shape and express my delivery during assessment and interview. Without doubt this structure helped me succeed to effectively articulate my leadership ability, and to comfortably succeed through the whole process to Inspector.

Mark Duncton, Sergeant to Inspector – 1st October 2015

Having worked hard, I wanted to give myself the best chance to pass the constable to sergeant interview board . Neil has the skills and knowledge to prepare anyone at any level for what is a very competitive process. I had two sessions with Neil, each session increased my confidence, in preparation to present my evidence in a relaxed and structured way. I was successful in passing my board attaining a high score. I highly recommend anyone preparing for promotion to contact Neil.

Bev Knott, Constable to Sergeant Warwickshire / West Mercia Police July 2015

Neil provided me with the confidence and knowledge to face my police recruitment process. I highly recommend the service he provides, the interview techniques and systematic breakdown can be adapted to many situations and I’m sure to use it again. I will definitely be contacting Neil when looking for my next promotion.

Calvin Moore, New Recruit – 30th July 2015

Having been unsuccessful in last years process the feedback I was given wasn’t around the quality of my evidence or experience it was purely down to delivery and how I responded to the panels questions. I needed to approach it differently so I contacted Neil.

I found Neil very approachable and easy to talk openly with, which is key when developing your strengths and recognising your weaknesses. Neil's experience gave me the board perspective, what they look for in a response / candidate and he helped me develop my answers in a mature way. I left Neil with a structure and more importantly confidence going into the promotion process.

I'm extremely pleased that with Neil's assistance I have been successful, five years hard work finally realised. I would certainly recommend him to anyone else serious about getting on the promotion ladder.

Warwickshire & West Mercia Officer - 28th July 2015.

"Having narrowly missed out in last years constable to sergeant interview board, I needed something to get me over the line. Hearing about Neil's coaching success rate and hearing first hand from colleagues who could not speak highly enough of his dedication, passion and enthusiasm to see people realise their potential, I didn't hesitate in contacting him. I had two sessions which proved to be invaluable. Neil's patience, knowledge and relaxed coaching style was outstanding. I felt 100 times more confident than last year and was confident that I could deliver an answer to any question posed. The process is becoming more and more competitive but Neil's promotion prep will get you ahead of the competition and will leave you feeling relaxed going into the interview. Definitely value for money and an input from a highly respected and knowledgeable person, who has been both an interviewer and successful interviewee on numerous occasions"

Chris Cook, Detective Constable, Warwickshire & West Mercia Police - 27th July 2015

"Having been unsuccessful on two occasions with the Sergeants interview process I contacted Neil asking for his support. It was quite short notice for Neil but the two hours I spent with him were without a doubt the most informative of inputs I have had. Neil's coaching methods are excellent and we concentrated on interview techniques, focussed on current issues within the organisation, locally and nationally, and by doing so Neil was able to put everything into context for me. On the day of the interview I felt extremely confident which would not have been the case had I not had Neil's excellent and informative input. I passed the interview board and came in the top two across the Alliance which I am putting down to the session I had with Neil. I would recommend Neil to anybody who wishes to succeed. I will be going to Neil in the future. Thank you Neil, it is much appreciated."

Geoff - Passed Sergeants Board for Warwickshire & West Mercia, 27th July 2015

"I passed, I cannot believe it! I can't thank you enough Neil, without your help I didn't stand a chance. I had so many cynics telling me there was no point as I was in a specialist role and you gave me the skills to prove them wrong. I know the skills will make me a good Sergeant. Keep on coaching people because I will need you again for the Inspectors process!!"

Anonymous candidate who passed Sergeants Board for Warwickshire & West Mercia - 23rd July 2015

"Thanks very much for all your help and coaching, I have no doubt, whatsoever that it was the major factor in me passing my board at my first attempt. Thanks especially for fitting me in at such short notice for the 2nd session, particularly on a Sunday, it was very much appreciated."

I will certainly be recommending you to others."

Chris – Passed Sergeants board for Warwickshire & West Mercia Police 23rd July 2015

"Letting you know that Liam was offered his role in the RAF this morning. He started basic training last week. We are all so very proud and relieved that the recruitment process is over! Thanks for all your help which proved beneficial to Liam."

Ian Salmon – proud parent 21st July 2015

"Just letting you know, Lewis was informed at the weekend that he was successful in getting the one job vacancy available at Taylor Wimpey. We are all very pleased and would like to say a big thank you to you for all your help."

Nick lley – proud parent 20th July 2015

"Having had to wait 5 years in my force for an Inspectors promotion board I really needed to get it right. Although I felt that I had good knowledge I really had no idea how to structure my answers. Neil was enthusiastic and simplified the process in a relaxed environment providing me with knowledge, context and a system that I practiced and utilised on the day of the board. Thanks to Neil I succeeded whereas 13 out of 24 failed. I would highly recommend Neil to assist anyone with their promotion preparation. His approach and model works!!"

Darren Brown (Dyfed-Powys Police) 25th June 2015

"Your interview preparation gave me such valuable advice and knowledge it helped me successfully pass the interview, receiving very positive feedback from the interview panel. Your advice gave me a massive amount of confidence which allowed me to enter the interview confident and well prepared, which in turn meant that I could stay focused and deliver well thought out and well structured answers calmly. I would definitely recommend that anybody seeking promotion or employment should come and see you."

Lewis Iley (Passed Taylor Wimpey apprenticeship interview) 10th May 2015

"12 months prior to meeting Neil I sat a PC to Sergeants board and missed out by one mark. Neil's positive and relaxed approach really helped me structure my evidence and delivery of my answers. His expert knowledge and experience of the interview process was invaluable to my preparation. His support and advice was ongoing after our meeting right up until my interview day. My interview was a success and I finished TOP PLACE in my force. I highly recommend Neil's services to others"

Nathan Hough (Staffordshire Police) 6th May 2015

"Neil thank you very much for the coaching. I found it very informative and totally worth it. Your coaching style is excellent and I intend being back in touch with you just before the board to have another session to re-cap and polish my interview technique and responses."

Anon client (prior to Sergeants board) 28th April 2015

"Prior to meeting with Neil I was lacking in confidence in my ability to succeed at interview and had no real structure to my preparation. During our one to one session his coaching helped me to recognise my strengths and weaknesses and we identified strategies to enable me to focus on key areas and techniques for interview. His relaxed manner and gentle probing helped me to recognise that I already had a good knowledge base and the session proved extremely valuable in restoring my confidence and provided a clear structure for my preparation. I believe Neil's advice and guidance helped me to structure my thoughts and responses at interview and led to a successful outcome."

Rachel Jones – Passed Sergeants Board – Merseyside Police – 13th April 2015

"Neil Brunton's help in my promotion process was invaluable and he helped to bring some clarity and current ACPO insight into some of the strategic issues facing the service going into 2015 and beyond. This helped me to mature my ideas and thoughts so that I was fully prepared for the Chief Superintendent promotion process."

Charlie Hill – 1st place C/Superintendent board – Warwickshire & West Mercia – 5th January 2015

"Mr Brunton assisted me in preparing my written application and then for the promotion interview. With regards to the written application there was a very competitive papersift with over 50% of candidates being sifted and with his help I got through that and offered an interview. I met for 2 hours with Mr Brunton. Going in I felt ill-prepared for a board and a little overwhelmed by the short timeline I was facing. I came out confident that I could prepare in the four remaining days that I had. Mr Brunton gave me a clear structure and plan which was tailored for my particular style so that I could go and be the best I could at my interview rather than parrot some generic policies and responses. My initial feedback from the board was that whoever prepared me did an amazing job!, my answers were unusually cognisant of the wider themes unlike many of the other candidates"

Terri Adderley – Passed Chief Inspector boards – Surrey Police – 27th December 2014

"I would consider a session with Neil vital for anyone serious about wanting to pass their promotion board. He has fantastic insight on policing issues and promotion processes and was able to tailor my session with him to my specific needs. I saw Neil just four days before my board, in a panic and with no meaningful structure. I left feeling much more confident, sat my board and scored 19 out of 20 marks! I would definitely recommend Neil to others."

Helen Taylor – 1st place at Inspector boards – Metropolitan Police – 19th December 2014

"I used Neil's services in preparation for my recent in-force Superintendent promotion board and had a 90 minute session (Neil actually gave me a lot longer than I paid for!). Neil's coaching was informative and very bespoke to my circumstances. It gave me a lot of extra confidence and areas to prep up on as at that rank the competition is really tight. Neil is a very pleasant and genuinely personable guy who clearly takes a keen interest in giving the most relevant tuition. As a result of Neil's assistance and the suggested prep work I was successful in the process. Thank you Neil for your support. I would highly recommend you to others"

Charles Laporte – 1st place at C/Superintendent board Gloucestershire – 18th December 2014

"Neil was able to help me bring in a lot of different talking points and answering all in one question. He made sure that I had an awareness of the RAF, their values and basic interview manners. Neil's input and format helped me massively"

Liam Salmon – (successful in RAF interview) – 27 November 2014

"The time I spent with Neil preparing for my Superintendent boards was invaluable. Neil gave me the necessary focus and discussed a number of techniques, which gave me the confidence and structure and led me to a successful outcome!! I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil's services. I believe it definitely gave me the edge over other candidates"

Jim Essex passed Superintendents board – 17 November 2014

"Three years of hard work culminated in the daunting prospect of a board. At a time of fewer opportunities and tougher competition it was all about knowing how to structure the experience and examples into a succinct and relevant format. Neil can’t sit the board for you but he will make the difference between potential disappointment and comfortable success. The feeling of success can only be described as euphoric"

James Coleman – Top placing Sergeants board 5 October 2014

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