Application Form Package – Sergeants

Make Your Application Form Stand out

This e-learning module has been designed to help those individuals who are applying for the Sergeants promotion process and who need support in completing their application form.

Why buy this e-learning product?

Having spent significant time and expense to pass your OSPRE Sergeants examination it is important to commit the same discipline when completing your application form.

Specifically developed by Promotion Prep to ensure that you make the best use of your leadership experience and capture it, maximising the use of every word.

What’s included?

The programme will provide you with the necessary guidance and examples to complete a comprehensive application form that will make you stand out from the crowd, using examples and frameworks, giving you the confidence to submit your application form and proceed to the next phase of the promotion process.

This e-learning module will help you to understand the National Policing Professional Framework (NPPF) and will identify the 7 areas which are being assessed and the details within each area. This module will provide examples of responses that have proven to be successful in promotion board shortlisting.

During this e-learning module you will be encouraged and challenged to demonstrate evidence of your own leadership behaviour and qualities against the 7 areas with the benefit of having had prior sight of some model answers. This will help position and prepare you in readiness for when the Sergeants promotion board advert is placed.

The package includes

  • An introduction to the application process
  • A comprehensive overview of the 7 areas of the assessment criteria
  • Opportunities to submit your own evidence against the criteria
  • A variety of examples to help with word restrictions
  • Model responses
  • Print/Word options to assist you to create your own application form using the Promotion Prep step by step approach

What difference will this make to me?

At the end of this e-learning module you will be much more prepared for the application stage of the promotion board process, you will have pre-prepared responses to the 7 areas being assessed and you will also be more confident of progressing to the next stage of the process.


*Promotion Prep may contact you occasionally to get your feedback and tell you about our services and offers.

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