Full Package – Sergeants

Make your application form stand out and successfully demonstrate your leadership skills and qualities during the interview process.

This e-learning module has been designed to help those individuals who require support with both the application process and preparing for their interview.

Why buy this e–learning product?

In combining the individual packages you will have everything you need to maximise your chances of success in both the application and interview process without the additional cost.

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What’s included?

You will be provided with Promotion prep’s guidance on application forms and interview structure to help you respond to questions on paper and required by the panel in the knowledge that this method has been tried and tested around the Country with many Promotion Prep clients proceeding to interview and securing top place performance

This full package will provide you with example questions, model answers and top tips for the day of your interview to help further enhance your overall performance.

The package includes:

  • An introduction to the application and interview process
  • A comprehensive overview of the 7 areas of the assessment criteria
  • Opportunities to reflect upon your own evidence against the assessment criteria and submit a quality application form
  • A variety of questions and model responses
  • A structure to enable you to present your leadership skills and qualities with impact
  • Print/Word options to assist you to support with your planning and preparation using the Promotion Prep step by step approach
  • Top Tips to lead you to success during the interview process

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