Leadership Gap Assessment - All Ranks

Identify and address your leadership gaps in advance of your police promotion board

This comprehensive e-learning module provides you with the tools to be able to address your leadership gap assessment against the Competency & Values Framework (CVF) assessment criteria to support you to be prepared for the next police promotion process and help you deliver top place performance at your police promotion board.

Why buy this e-learning product?

Get ahead of the game to conduct a leadership gap assessment of where you are now against the CVF competencies and take steps to address your gaps ahead of any future police promotion process.  This step by step guide together with examples of how you can address your gaps will ensure that you approach your police promotion process with the confidence that you can demonstrate your leadership competence at your desired rank.

What’s included?

This product will provide you with the necessary guidance and support to commence your journey to promotion.

You will be provided with;

  • An overview of policing and its many challenges.
  • Specific guidance relating to research requirements.
  • Practical support to combine and apply your knowledge and experience to present confidently to the promotion board panel.

This e-learning module will help you to;

  • Understand the Competency & Values Framework (CVF) for policing
  • Understand in detail the competencies, values and behaviours that support everything you do in policing
  • Conduct an honest self-assessment against each leadership behaviour
  • Provide practical examples of how to address your leadership gaps prior to the promotion advert being placed.

Upon completion of this e-module you will have a tailored plan designed to address your gaps well ahead of the promotion process which will enable you to present with impact and succeed.

The package includes

  • An introduction to the Gap Assessment module
  • An overview of policing and its many challenges
  • Guidance to help you conduct relevant research prior to your promotion process
  • An insight into the behaviours of a highly effective leader
  • A detailed understanding of the Core Values and Competency Framework (CVF) assessment criteria and how to expand and exceed the assessed qualities to score maximum points
  • Support in conducting a self-assessment to identify and address your leadership gaps against the assessment criteria
  • Print/Word options to assist you to create your own development plan to identify and address your leadership gaps using the Promotion Prep step by step approach
  • Comprehensive examples of how to bring the learning (from this e-module) together to provide quality responses to likely interview questions at your promotion board

What difference will this make to me?

At the end of this e-learning module you will be much more prepared for your promotion board, you will have identified and addressed your leadership gaps against the CVF, you will be able to bring all your learning together to present confidently and professionally to the promotion board panel and you will be aiming for maximum points to achieve top performance


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