Police Recruitment Force Interview Prep

Demonstrate that you will make an outstanding Police Constable

This e–learning module has been designed to help those individuals who are applying to join the police and who need support in preparing for their force interview following success at the police recruitment assessment centre.

Why buy this e-learning product?

There are some 80,000 applicants each year seeking to join the police service and It is therefore vital for individuals to be well prepared and be in a position to succeed when the opportunity arises.

Many applicants go into their police force interview unprepared, lacking in confidence and as a result fail to present their evidence with impact. The key to success is to get your preparation right!

The force interview is significantly different to that faced by applicants within their police recruitment assessment centre and therefore applicants need a different approach to their preparation plan.

Specifically developed by Police Recruitment Prep to ensure that you make the best use of your knowledge, skills and experience and present them in a structured and effective manner that sets you apart from the crowd and helps you to deliver top place performance setting the tone for the rest of your policing career.

You will be provided with a unique service which allows you to study and prepare from your own computer or tablet and at your own pace thereby saving you unnecessary costs and travelling time in attending other coaching related courses.

What’s included?

The police force interview is designed to test your skills and experience with a view to deciding whether you will make an excellent Police officer.

Following success at the police recruitment assessment centre applicants will almost certainly be required to attend a final force interview.

It is essential to take your time to understand the force interview process and what is required to deliver top place performance

This e-learning module will help you to understand the areas which are being assessed by the police (force) recruitment interview panel and will also provide you with an understanding of the six competencies. This module will provide examples of likely areas of questioning together with some model answers.

You will be provided with a Police Recruitment Prep interview structure to help you respond to questions asked by the interview panel in the knowledge that this method has been tried and tested around the Country with many clients securing top place performance at their interview.

This module will also provide you with some top tips for the day of your force interview to help further enhance your overall performance.

The package includes:

  • An awareness of policing and its many challenges
  • An introduction to the force interview
  • A comprehensive overview of the assessment framework and competencies
  • Opportunities to reflect upon your own evidence against the assessment criteria
  • A structured model to enable you to present your knowledge, skills and experience with impact
  • A number of likely interview questions and model responses
  • Top Tips to help you succeed
  • Print/Word options to assist you to support with your planning and preparation

What difference will this make to me?

At the end of this e-learning module you will be much more prepared for your force recruitment interview which will enable you to achieve top place performance and demonstrate that you will make an outstanding Police Constable.


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