Police SEARCH® Recruit Assessment Centre Detail

Demonstrate that you will make an outstanding Police Constable

This e–learning module has been designed to help those individuals who are applying to join the police and who need support in preparing for their assessment centre exercises.

Why buy this e-learning product?

In these times of budget reductions there are fewer opportunities to join the police and some 80,000 applicants to compete with. It is therefore essential to be well prepared and be in a position to succeed when the opportunity arises.

Many applicants go into their police recruitment assessment centre unprepared, lacking in confidence and as a result do not succeed. The key to success is to get your preparation right!

Specifically developed by Police Recruitment Prep to ensure that you make the best use of your knowledge, skills and experiences and to present them in a structured and effective manner that sets you apart from the crowd. Our aim is not just to coach you to success, we aim to coach you to achieve top place performance

You will be provided with a unique service which allows you to study and prepare from your own computer or tablet and at your own pace thereby saving you unnecessary costs and travelling time in attending other coaching related courses.

What’s included?

The Police SEARCH® Recruit Assessment Centre Prep is designed to test your skills and experience with a view to deciding whether you will make an excellent Police Officer.

The national assessment centre will comprise of a number of exercises designed to assess your competence to fulfil the role of Police Constable. It is essential to take your time to understand the exercises being assessed and also the assessment criteria being applied by assessors.

This e-learning module will help you to understand the six competencies which are being assessed at the police recruitment assessment centre. This module will also provide details of how to approach the exercises and you will be provided with some Police Recruitment Prep structured models and sample tests to help you manage your time and to help you deliver professionally in the knowledge that these methods have been tried and tested around the Country with clients achieving top place performance

This module will also provide you with some top tips for the day of your police recruitment assessment centre to help you achieve top place performance.

The package includes:

  • An awareness of policing and its many challenges
  • An introduction to the assessment centre and the various exercises
  • A comprehensive overview of the assessment framework and the six competencies
  • An overview and also delivery requirements for each assessment centre exercise
  • Structured interview models and written report models to enable you to present with impact
  • Sample numerical and verbal ability tests to raise awareness and allow for practice beforehand
  • Top Tips to lead you to top place performance
  • Print/Word options to assist you to support with your planning and preparation

What difference will this make to me?

At the end of this e-learning module you will be much more prepared for your police recruitment assessment centre which will enable you to make the very best use of time to successfully demonstrate that you will make an outstanding Police Constable.


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