Police Recruitment Prep Full Package

A combination of the police recruitment assessment centre and force interview packages to help those individuals who require support and confidence prior to attending the national police recruitment assessment and also prior to attending their local force interview.

Why buy this e–learning product?

In combining these individual packages, you will have everything you need to deliver top place performance at your police recruitment assessment centre and your local force interview without the additional cost.

You will be provided with a unique service which allows you to study and prepare from your own computer or tablet and at your own pace thereby saving you unnecessary costs and travelling time in attending other coaching related courses.

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What’s included?

You will be provided with Police Recruitment Prep’s guidance to help you prepare and then succeed at your police recruitment assessment centre and force interview in the knowledge that the methods discussed throughout the courses have been tried and tested around the Country

The full recruitment package includes:

  • An awareness of policing and its many challenges
  • An introduction to the Police SEARCH® Recruit Assessment Centre and the various exercises
  • A comprehensive overview of the assessment framework and the six competencies
  • Awareness and delivery requirements for each assessment centre exercise
  • Structured models to enable you to present your knowledge, skills and experiences with impact throughout the various exercises
  • A variety of interview questions and model responses for the six competencies assessed
  • Sample numerical and verbal ability tests
  • Top Tips to lead you to success
  • Print/Word options to assist you to support with your planning and preparation


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